Dear students,

At the Sri Lanka – German Training Institute (SLGTI) we are here to support you in your efforts to educate yourself and to help you grow as professional personalities. We believe that great vocational training and education has to include more than technological knowhow and skills only. We believe that vocational training should nourish the ability to find appropriate technological solutions demanded in society, thus contributing to technological change and modernisation. In this respect, the right way to think, to communicate, and to act is part of great education and vocational training. Our curricula combine knowledge in a technical field, communication in the English language, and social integration. A guiding principle of your studies here at SLGTI is: All learning must be directly applicable in the world of work.

Today, we are witnessing a growing need of private enterprises to employ highly qualified technicians. Training in various technical disciplines, and communicative proficiency in the English language has been the main objective for running SLGTI. Automotive & Agricultural Technology, Construction Technology, Electrical & Electronic Technology, Food Technology, Information & Communication Technology, and Mechanical Technology – plus extensive On-the-Job-Training (OJT/SIT) – are focal fields. We expect that more than 90% of our students will find a job in the private sector within 6 months after graduation.

SLGTI is focusing on lifelong learning perspectives to ensure quality standards in compliance with changing professional environments and respective new performance demands. Also, demand-driven needs of the private sector are addressed by state-of-the-art training.

Since its inception in July 2016, a characteristic feature of education at our technical training institute has been a three-pronged approach adhered to:

  • Knowledge in the subject discipline with a focus on applied technology.
  • Skills in view of applicability of learning content and exposure to practical demands arising at various workplace environments.
  • Attitudes emphasizing appropriate mental dispositions underpinning standards of self-adjusting work ethics, intrinsic motivation, and process-oriented results.

We are looking forward to helping young Sri Lankans by offering well-integrated vocational training programmes tailored to Sri Lanka’s needs. Welcome to SLGTI.

Erwin Schulz