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Information and Communication Technology

Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Our main objective is to produce more than promising employees who are well knowledgeable and skilled in computer software, hardware, and networking and fit the demands of labour market.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) covers all areas of Application Development, Networking and Computer Hardware for NVQ Levels 4, 5 and 6, in order to produce skilled employees.

The lecturers and instructors of ICT train students to develop application web based and desktop based software, design database systems as well as fundamental aspects of computer hardware and architecture, operating systems, architectures of networks, network configuration, network devices, and ICT maintenance. These include software support, hardware maintenance, networks, and maintenance.

Successful students have secured jobs in the state sector as ICT Officer, whilst some have joined leading private software development companies for attractive salaries.

Head of department:

Mr. G. Romiyal
BSc in Applied Mathematics & Computing, MSc in Computer Science

NVQ Level 4: Computer Hardware and Networking Technician & ICT Technician

Course Duration:
2 years. One year and 6 months in the centre with 6 months OJT.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
G.C.E Ordinary level 6 Passes or NVQ L3 ICT related

  • Assembling a computer and installing software
  • Maintain files & folders
  • Perform word processing
  • Prepare spread sheet
  • Prepare presentations
  • IT Help Desk process
  • Configuration of Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
  • network/ surveillance system
  • IT Infrastructure Security(Perform internet and electronic mail operations)
  • Troubleshooting Hardware, Networking and Operating Systems
  • Disaster recovery & Business Continuity(A7-Maintain files & folders)
  • Workplace communication and interpersonal relations
  • Occupational literacy and numeracy
  • Team Work
  • Occupational health and safety procedures in a workplace
  • Maintain databases
  • Perform internet and electronic mail operations
  • Develop graphics for web /print media
  • Design and Develop Static web pages
  • Develop basic software solution
NVQ Level 5: Information and Communication Technology

Course Duration:
One year training at the SLGTI centre with 6 months OJT at Innovay Jaffna.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
NVQ Level 4 in ICT related
G.C.E Advanced level 3 Passes in Maths, Science and Technology

  • Database Systems 1
  • Graphic Design
  • Software Programming
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Manage workplace Information
  • Manage workplace communication
  • Database Systems 11
  • Software Testing
  • Web Programming
  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace
NVQ Level 6: Information and Communication Technology

Course Duration:
One year training at the centre plus 6 months on the job training at SIT.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
NVQ Level 5 in ICT related
G.C.E Advanced level 3 Passes in Maths, Science and Technology

Key Features
  • NVQ L4- Good knowledge on software, hardware and networking
  • Cisco certification (future)
Trainees will learn
  • L5 Competency to develop the desktop and web based applications (Java, PHP, MySQL etc)
  • L4 Competency to establish networks & CCTV, troubleshoot computer & networking devices/CCTV.
  • Develop desktop applications (C#, MySQL etc)
Facilities Available
  • Lab equipped with German standard computer hardware and networking devices
  • Laptop provided by SLGTI during OJT period
Technologies / Machinery Available
  • Cisco networking devices
  • Advance desktop computers with high specifications
Commercial / OJT Partners
  • Innovay

Academic Staff

Mr S.Sumanan
Instructor- ICT