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Automotive and Agriculture

Department of Automotive and Agriculture (AUT)

Our main objective is to provide highly skilled trainees trained in modern Automobile Technology for industrial needs.

At the Department of Automotive (AUT) students learn the basics and fundamentals of automobiles and its engine systems including petrol, diesel fuel systems with hybrid and electric vehicles. Once the course is successfully completed, students are able to identify faults, diagnose and fix automobile engine issues on their own.

This department offers courses under National Vocational Qualifications – NVQ Level 4 and Level 5. Under NVQ Level 4, the students will cover the fields of Automobile Mechanic, Equipment Mechanic and Agricultural Machinery. At Level 5 students will be introduced to the study of Automotive Technology.

Lecturers and instructors are providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills on the latest technical standards. The state-of-the-art training will enable students to gather the required knowledge, skills and attitude in order to pursue a career in a rapidly growing field of automotive technology.

Successful students have secured significant positions at leading automobile companies in the country, whilst some have initiated their own ventures like automobile and motor mechanical workshops in their respective hometowns.

Head of department:

Mr. P. Niranjan
BTech (Hons) in Materials Science (Uva Wellassa University), Diploma in Psychology and Counselling, MSc (R)

NVQ Level 4: Automobile Mechanic

Course Duration:
2 years. One and half years at the SLGTI centre and 6 months on the job (OJT) training at reputed companies like Honda, DIMO, United Motors and Colombo Dockyard.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
G.C.E O/L 6 passes / NVQ Level 3

  • Common modules (Mathematics, electrical and electronic, Communication skills for workplace)
  • Fundamentals of Automobile include
  • Automobile Engines
  • Power train system
  • Petrol and diesel fuel system
  • Conventional and breaker less ignition system
  • Petrol Electronic Fuel Injection system
  • Diesel Electronic Fuel Injection system
  • ABS braking system
NVQ Level 5: Automobile Technology

Course Duration:
One and half years. One year at the SLGTI and 6 months OJT at leading companies in the industry.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
G.C.E A/L 3 passes / NVQ Level 3 / NVQ Level 4

  • Automobile Engines
  • Automobile Engine Systems
  • Automobile Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Systems
  • Automobile Drive Chain
  • Emission Control, Engine Performance and Drivability
  • Automobile chassis and Allied Systems
  • Automobile Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Automobile Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Identify and assess defects
Key Features
  • Hybrid and Electric vehicles
  • Research and Development of New Innovations (Electric Three wheel)
  • Lucas simulation software handling
Trainees will learn
  • Trainees will complete a part of the training at the industry
Facilities Available
  • Lucas Simulation Lab
  • Research and Innovation Lab
  • Computer Lab
Technologies / Machinery Available
  • OBD2 Scanner
  • Bosch Gas Analyser
  • Brake Tester
  • Auto AC Recovery Unit
Commercial / OJT Partners
  • David Pieris Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd
  • DIMO

Academic Staff

S. Sanjeevan
S. Illankumaran
J. Dusyanthan