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Application Form – NVQ Level 5

Application for FULL TIME COURSES 2024
(Under the National Apprenticeship- Scheme)

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Students who have obtained NVQ Level 4 Examination in the relevant field of study.
  2. Students who have successfully passed the SLGTI Bridging Programme for NVQ Level 5.

Apply Now!

Please use a PC/Laptop to fill the Application Form.
You cannot apply using a Mobile Phone!

  • Use Block Capitals.
  • Use () to complete 03 (d) and 06 (a, b).

Deadline for Application:
06th JuLY, 2024

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth
    Age as at

    Educational Qualifications

    G.C.E. Ordinary Level

    Subject Passed
    Subject Passed
    G.C.E. Advanced Level
    Subject Passed
    Subject Passed

    If you have National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) certificate,

    Order of Preference of Specialisation
    If you would like to study NVQ level 5 at SLGTI, please select the Specialisation you wish to continue. The Specialisation should be in the relevant field to your existing NVQ 4 certificate. You should have the completed NVQ 4 certificate in your hands, when you submit the Student Application Form.

    Field of Study
    Select Specialisation

    Automotive Technology
    Automobile Technology

    Construction Technology
    Construction Technology

    Food Technology
    Food Technology

    Mechanical Technology
    Production Technology

    Electrical & Electronic Technology
    Mechatronics Technology

    Information & Communication Technology
    Information and Communication Technology

    Bank where the Examination Fees were paid to:

    Please attach the Scanned Copy of the following documents
    Certified copy of the National Identity Card NIC/ID *
    Certified copy of the Birth Certificate *
    Certified copy of your O/L Result Sheet(s) *
    Certified copy of your A/L Result Sheet(s)
    Copy of the Bank Deposit Slip/Receipt *

    I do hereby certify that the information furnished above is true and correct. I hereby state that I am prepared to accept discontinuance from the training programme without any claim for compensation, if any of the above information is found to be false or inaccurate even after the commencement of the training programme.