1. Production Technology

Course Type Full Time
Prerequisite NVQ Level 4 Examination in the relevant field or SLGTI Bridging Programme in Production Technology
Medium English Language
Course Duration 1 year, plus 6 months On-the-Job-Training (SIT)
Course Certificate National Vocational Qualification Certificate ­– NVQ Level 5 (National Diploma)
Course Objective (Purpose Of this Qualification) To gain in-depth theoretical knowledge, skills and competencies in order to perform at the supervisory level in Production Technology, e.g. establishing and supervising Production Operations, and Surface Production Operations, to set up and operate machines (incl. CNC), to calibrate and maintain tools, equipment, systems, processes and machines, to perform basic problem solving and troubleshooting to resolve production/process issues, and to gain insights of an automated manufacturing environment, as well as in the management of the workplace, incl. workplace information/communication, and workshop safety.