1. Food Technology

Course Type Full Time
Prerequisite NVQ Level 4 Examination in the relevant field or SLGTI Bridging Programme in Food Technology
Medium English Language
Course Duration 1 year, plus 6 months On-the-Job-Training (SIT)
Course Overview National Vocational Qualification Certificate ­– NVQ Level 5 (National Diploma)
Course Objective (Purpose Of this Qualification) To gain in-depth theoretical knowledge, skills and competencies in order to perform at the supervisory level in the food processing industry, e.g. to implement good storage practices for raw materials and ingredients, to establish methods for primary processing raw materials and ingredients, to organise resources for food processing, to install and test food processing plants, to monitor and control food process parameters, to ensure cleanliness and sanitation of food processing plant and machinery, to implement and maintain the established food quality and food safety management system, to establish packaging needs for manual packaging operations, to inspect and test incoming packaging materials and accessories, and to manage workplace, incl. workplace information/communication, and workshop hygiene.