On the 20th of December the Sri Lanka German Training Institute celebrated their first ever Christmas event.

First of all there was a competition regarding Christmas decoration, portrayal of Santa Claus and arranging a Christmas tree. Every student put lot of effort and motivation into developing their department into a small winter wonderland. After going around and seeing all the decorated departments with its dressed up students, all SLGTI staff members and students celebrated together. Even a Christian father joined and gave his blessings to all participants.

Accordingly the students presented the Christmas story, followed by speeches from the principal and deputy principal. They emphasized the message behind Christmas. It is about family, friends, peace and spreading love.

Besides education, SLGTI also focuses on social interaction. By conducting different kinds of religious events, everyone gains insights to cultural and religious diversity of the country, and more importantly learn to appreciate the beauty of each festival. Which, is a great initiative in bringing up ethnic and religious harmony.

For the event, all students worked hard together as a team and came up with many creative and wonderful ideas. After the Santa Claus performances, the winner of the competition was announced. The Information and Communication Technology department won the first price. Afterwards everyone enjoyed some refreshments, produced by the Food Technology department.

Furthermore the Electrical and Electronic Technology department constructed the first online digital Christmas zone. It is available in three languages: Sinhala, Tamil and English.

To conclude, the Event Committee of SLGTI again organized a wonderful Christmas celebration. But without the motivation and engagement of all students and staff members, it wouldn’t have been such a success. Due to team work, coupled with efforts and creativity of all students, we were able to rejoice in the happiness of Christmas at SLGTI.