A Vocational Training study tour to well-established large Training Institutes with modern equipment in a foreign country in the South Asian region, Indonesia, was organized by the VTN Project in collaboration with the GOPA Worldwide Consulting Company. The group of SLGTI trainers who participated in the study tour consisted of 18 trainers (13 men and 5 women), 14 of whom were lecturers while the other 4 were instructors.

The aims of the study tour were for the participants:

  1. To study and analyze the TVET system and training practices and to obtain information through discussions with relevant TVET actors.
  2. To gain an understanding of best practices and innovative models with regard to quality assurance in TVET in order to identify quality assurance aspects best suited to SLGTI including career guidance, social marketing, student recruitment, training delivery continuous and summative assessments, interaction with industry and placement & monitoring of on-the-job training and certification etc.
  3. To identify systems in place for establishing cooperation and networking partnerships with local and foreign TVET Institutions as well as cooperating with Industry and facilitating public – private partnerships.
  4. To observe how sports and extracurricular activities are organized for trainees.

During the study tour the following leading Vocational Training Institutions in Indonesia were visited:

  1. ATMI Polytechnic
  2. ATMI Polytechnic Campus
  3. Solo Technopark
  4. ASTRA Manufacturing  Polytechnic
  5. SMK Marsudirini Marganingsih

Main achievements of the participants                                

  • Indonesia TVET System
  • Training Management at ATMI
  • PBET: Definition & Practice
  • Technical Detail of Production Process
  • Alumni Activity
  • Student Activity

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