This November the first English students from the University of Mainz in Germany arrived at the SLGTI to start cooperating with the local English teachers. The collaboration between the University of Mainz and the GIZ offers the opportunity for English students from Germany to improve their own teaching and language skills, while introducing new teaching methods and activities to the local teachers.

The idea of this project is, to give students from Germany a chance to get to know the Sri Lankan culture and to give the native lecturers a new perspective on how to approach various teaching techniques, which are common in Germany but not popular in Sri Lanka yet. A broad variety of different exercises, which the teachers can assign to their students, will be presented by the German students in order to mix up the ordinary English lesson a little bit. Simon and Nils, the first two students to be a part of this project, began their work at the SLGTI in the beginning of November and will continue their exchange with the SLGTI lecturers till the end of March. It is expected that more students from Germany will come to Sri Lanka afterwards, not only to work with the SLGTI’s teachers, but also to start this kind of method-exchange at the different Satellite Centres in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

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