Dear Candidate,

Interview for The Selection of Course NVQ Level-5 at Sri Lanka-German Training Institute (SLGTI) – Academic Year – 2022/2023

We pleased to inform you that, your application has been received.

You are kindly requested to attend an interview on 06.06.2022 at 8.30 am in Sri Lanka-German Training Institute, Ariviyalnagar, Kilinochchi.

It is compulsory to produce the originals along with a copy of the following certificates during the interview:

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Certificates of Educational Qualifications (O/L, A/L) – if available
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) – if any
  • Grama Niladhari character certificate (certified by Divisional Secretary)
  • Certificates of extra-curricular activities

Please note, if you as fail to attend to the interview within the given time period, then we will consider you as not eligible to follow the course at SLGTI.

Candidate Details

NIC No. Title Name with Initials Course
200014702319 Mr M.V.S.Dilsan Automobile Technology
200023900863 Mr S.Harishanth Automobile Technology
200123002504 Mr W.D.T.N.Dilhara Automobile Technology
200033402609 Mr P.Thabendra Automobile Technology
200105000880 Mr G.Thanusikan Automobile Technology
200125103807 Mr T.M.Rusith Bingusara Automobile Technology
200132203101 Mr T.G.N.C.Hasaranga Automobile Technology
200021602291 Mr V.Dilaxshan Automobile Technology
200027700321 Mr S.N.Wanigasooriya Automobile Technology
200117203352 Mr W.W.A.K.Gunarathna Automobile Technology
993261408V Mr H.P.N.U..Kularathna Automobile Technology
200230003312 Mr V.Kanojan Automobile Technology
200131603311 Mr B.U.E.Boyagoda Automobile Technology
952433300V Mr B.Tishithan Automobile Technology
200132400197 Mr D.A.Tharindu Sandaruwan Automobile Technology
993460907V Mr W.G.K.V.B.Weerakoon Automobile Technology
200013703370 Mr J.A.D.Subasinghe Automobile Technology
200035703848 Mr T.B.A.Chathuranga Automobile Technology
982480116V Mr P.M.D.Thissakuttiarachchi Automobile Technology
200201903080 Mr W.G.S.S.Prabhath Automobile Technology
200112600506 Mr A.M.M.Ushan Malinda Abesinha Automobile Technology
200006303556 Mr J.T.L.Gunawardhana Automobile Technology
990960062V Mr S.N.K.Edirisinghe Automobile Technology
200034400821 Mr S.Sanjeev Automobile Technology
200000203545 Mr A.V.T.Thushantha Automobile Technology
991534296V Mr N.K.H.D.Madhushanka Automobile Technology
200133201006 Mr D.L.Gunarathna Automobile Technology
200116301679 Mr K.P.G.S.Ranathunga Automobile Technology
200126602071 Mr R.M.D.P.Rajapaksha Automobile Technology
200031800277 Mr U.Sasindu Rukshan Perera Automobile Technology
200110302872 Mr P.K.Tharusha Automobile Technology
200124301169 Mr D.L.Lakruwan Automobile Technology
20011530344 Mr R.L.Janith Thenuka Sandeepa Automobile Technology
200113900876 Mr M.A.D.Madusanka Automobile Technology
200016602932 Mr T.Thishanth Automobile Technology
200015501154 Mr A.M.Sajeeth Ahamed Automobile Technology
200130001591 Mr R.G.H.Samaranayaka Automobile Technology
200109102488 Mr L.D.Kaveesha Sanjana Automobile Technology
971823550V Mr O.S.Weerakkody Automobile Technology
993140155V Mr T.Thanuraj Automobile Technology
972311642V Mr V.Thuvarahan Automobile Technology
200183600743 Ms R.Visnuja Food Technology
996215040V Ms B.Roshanthani Food Technology
200177204369 Ms N.W.G.G.C.Narasinghe Food Technology
200251903186 Ms M.A.F.Asra Food Technology
200181701940 Ms R.Pradhiksha Food Technology
200027901817 Mr B.L.Munasinghe Food Technology
200064200694 Ms D.G.P.M.Thilakarathne Food Technology
993311731V Mr S.F.Bevan Fernando Food Technology
200151002182 Ms R.Ramsa Food Technology
200078901518 Ms S.Nixshana Food Technology
200103903960 Mr Y.Thanseem Food Technology
991565663V Mr M.M.Nafees Food Technology
200081202089 Ms J.A.Senudi Madushanki Food Technology
200061700612 Ms S.Sriluxshana Food Technology
200173803650 Ms L.Kiruvajini Food Technology
200116303043 Mr S.M.Sajjath Food Technology
998621054V Ms K.Mathusika Food Technology
200180100416 Ms M.A.B.Sevwandi Food Technology
200123403146 Mr G.P.D.Perera Food Technology
200155000501 Ms A.S.M.Weerasinghe Food Technology
200151600697 Ms R.R.M.G.R.S.Weerasinha Food Technology
200051501053 Ms S.M.Chethana Piyumali Food Technology
199957100552 Ms W.J.M.Thilini Lakshika Food Technology
200078401189 Ms Y.G.G.S.Rupasinghe Food Technology
199907410340 Mr A.M.Munjith Food Technology
200163904268 Ms P.Sadurshika Food Technology
200179903440 Ms M.H.F.Sumaiya Food Technology
997690346V Ms G.G.Inshara Navodani Food Technology
200120703696 Mr I.M.Aaseek Food Technology
200076202444 Ms D.A.Dilshalni Food Technology
200158304671 Ms S.Sinthuja Food Technology
200159603994 Ms P.Diluxy Food Technology
200161903173 Ms S.Thuvaraka Food Technology
200250303448 Ms M.Lakshana Food  Technology
200112603955 Mr K.Rinojan Food Technology
200168400748 Ms J.G.H.A.Premarathna Food Technology
981552156V Mr H.G.Pasindu Viduranga Food Technology
200172202762 Ms U.V.C.Deshanjalee Food Technology
200056100864 Ms M.I.Fathima Azka Food Technology
199977502023 Ms M.Kirushanthini Food Technology
200063201106 Ms A.B.Fathima Hasnath Afrose Food Technology
200152602309 Ms M.I.Fathima Shirafa Banu Food Technology
200086000320 Ms K.Delakshana Mary Food Technology
200134501783 Mr J.A.Piragash Food Technology
978611443V Ms A.L.Fathima Rukaiya Food Technology
951012041V Mr M.R.M.Razik Food Technology
997172485V Ms R.Laxshiya Food Technology
997580133V Ms G.Thushyanthi Food Technology
200069303209 Ms S.Sanushka Food Technology
200070202242 Ms M.R.N.D.Chandrasena Food Technology
200134100378 Mr S.Sangeeth ICT
200074903326 Ms M.A.F.Dilfa ICT
200171900526 Ms K.Kobika ICT
200077100122 Ms S.Denusha ICT
200020003673 Mr H.Aakil Ahamed ICT
199924610752 Mr M.A.M.Arshad ICT
200072302670 Ms T.Lavanjah ICT
200108301755 Mr W.C.T.K.Weerapperuma ICT
200081702124 Ms S.Anoja ICT
200068102703 Ms R.Abarnna ICT
200112702717 Mr M.I.Mohomed ICT
200059302403 Ms S.I.Sihnas ICT
996621863V Ms H.Judit Rajiththa ICT
200111401370 Mr K.Laxsan ICT
200163204936 Ms B.Hirumee Hirushika ICT
990824240V Mr M.R.M.Rislin ICT
988482250V Ms J.Sinthuya ICT
200035200396 Mr D.L.Sithira Selaka ICT
200122002658 Mr M.F.A.Rahman ICT
997397843V Ms S.Kugappriya ICT
997123689V Ms S.Keeththika ICT
200032103302 Mr J.M.H.Nidushan Jayalath ICT
200027904921 Mr S.Santhirakumar ICT
200107003404 Mr K.Piriyathash ICT
200124502964 Mr K.Krishnakumar ICT
200028300170 Mr S.Kuganeethan ICT
200074901650 Ms N.Pathima Nafla ICT
200132801500 Mr P.W.Tharusha Dayanga Chamathsri ICT
200112002450 Mr S.M.Atheel ICT
973562622V Mr M.Piriyavarman ICT
200034700526 Mr K.Kanishka Viraj Rathnayaka ICT
200134501775 Mr J.A.Prince ICT
997060695V Ms K.Yuthasini ICT
982922437V Mr R.Nilaxshan ICT
200029902510 Mr K.Danujan ICT
200004704245 Mr K.Sathees ICT
992631554V Mr J.Imran Hussain ICT
199933610069 Mr N.M.Rilam ICT
992913215V Mr F.Mussaraf ICT
200000104422 Mr M.U.Faslul Ahamed ICT
199935211712 Mr N.M.Nuwaf ICT
200150104283 Ms E.J.Thisaliny ICT
200177303015 Ms B.R.Anne Paleen ICT
200013802050 Mr R.Thananchayan Production Technology
200022602369 Mr G.Veeshman Production Technology
993531235V Mr K.Sinosan Production Technology
200132500540 Mr M.N.A.Ammar Production Technology
922620083V Mr W.M.N.C.B.Wijethunga Production Technology
980170594V Mr W.M.M.U.Weerarathna Production Technology
200122102521 Mr H.M.D.S.Gunathilaka Production Technology
200303511760 Mr N.Asraan Ahamed Production Technology
200123403677 Mr A.Pirunthaman Production Technology