Green describes not only a color, it stands for an attitude and lifestyle. Green means a respectful contact with the natural environment as well as the human environment. Therefore, a Green College is a place of respectful behaviour in contact with nature, people, and animals – a place where all sentinel being can live actively “green worth”.

SLGTI is such a Green College and is following the Green College approach as part of the CSR strategy. Currently, the SLGTI campus/compound is divided into 14 sections. Students of each class (14 classes in total) together with lecturers, instructors, and lab assistants, as well as administrative staff are assigned to one section. On monthly base, SLGTI is conducting a ‘Green Day’ for general cleaning, and planting flowers, grass, and trees.

The first Green Day took place on 2nd of May 2017. All students worked hard to make their campus a green place, and they enjoyed the gardening tasks. The next Green Day will be conducted on the 1st of June 2017.

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