This September more than six hundred students in vocational training in the North and East of Sri Lanka participated in seven English Days implemented in training centres that are supported by the GIZ VTN Project.

At each vocational training centre students were divided into heterogeneous groups. Several stations were prepared for them. Each station had a connection to the trades represented in the centres. Real-life situations the students could come across in their professional lives were set as challenges for them at those stations. Every participant had to pass through every one of the stations.

All of the trades in the respective centres were represented: Welding, carpentry, tailoring, food science, ICT, automobile engineering, electrical work, baking, hospitality etc. While Tamil, Singhalese and Muslim boys and girls from the different centres were working side by side and accomplishing the tasks laid out for them in English only, they were making new friends from other parts of the country.

In this way, the main objectives of the English Day were met: The students spent a whole day speaking English and used the language to work on the tasks, they started to talk to each other speaking English not only while the day was progressing but also in break times. As the student’s confidence to use English increased, smiles lit up the trainer’s as well as the student’s.

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